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Rest ye merry: Grinch’s bad intentions thwarted for another Christmas

Children in Osage County will be happy to know the Grinch won’t be stealing Christmas this year – as he was recently apprehended and forced to give up all the loot he had absconded with.

The Grinch’s bad intentions and his antics first were noticed in Osage County this year around the end of November as the local Operation Christmas for Kids got underway with toy collection spots across the county. In Operation Christmas for Osage County Kids, emergency responders across Osage County partnered up to collect new and unwrapped toys for local kids in need. Toy collection began in November and continued until Dec. 14, 2020.

Unfortunately, local law enforcement was required to respond to numerous cases of deprivation of property as the Grinch tried to spoil the holiday efforts by taking the collected toys or bothering local Christmas decorations.

Eventually the dastardly Christmas villain was apprehended, and forced to face a local judge, to whom he admitted his crimes and agreed to return all of the toys. On Dec. 15, with the Grinch helping, local emergency responders collected all of the toys at the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, in Lyndon, and delivered them to Help House.

Although the Grinch admitted his wrongdoing and helped unload the trucks, while law enforcement officials were momentarily distracted by the community’s generosity, he escaped from custody to somewhere on the outskirts of Lyndon, and disappeared. The sheriff’s office is advising all citizens to be on the lookout for the Grinch, though it is believed he will likely not cause any problems until next Christmas.

The encounters local law enforcement had with the Grinch while he was hanging around Osage County, along with his apprehension, have been chronicled on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

During the delivery to Help House last week, it was estimated there were approximately $4,000 to $5,000 worth of toys collected from generous Osage Countians.

Local responders participating in the toy drive were Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Carbondale Police Department, Osage City Police Department, Melvern Police Department, Overbrook Police Department, Lyndon Police Department, Burlingame Police Department, Scranton Police Department, Osage County EMS, Osage County Fire District 1, Osage County Fire District No. 2, Osage County Fire District No. 3, Osage County Fire District No. 4, Osage County Fire District No. 5, Osage County Fire District No. 6, Osage County Fire District No. 7, and Scranton Fire Department.

Drop off locations were at Carbondale Police Department and Carbondale Fire Station, Osage City Police Department, Osage City Fire Station, Osage Hardware, McCoy’s Radio Shack, Melvern Police Department, Melvern Fire Station, Overbrook Police Department, Overbrook Fire Station, Overbrook Dollar General, Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Lyndon Police Department, Lyndon Fire Station, Ann’s Diner, Burlingame Police Department, Burlingame Fire Station, Aunt B’s, Quenemo City Hall, Scranton Police Department, Scranton Fire Station, Four Corners Restaurant, Estore Sales & Auction Service.

Grinch poses in front of all the toys he tried to steal away from local children.

Osage County emergency responders load toys on fire trucks to be delivered to Help House.

Under watchful eyes of local law enforcement, Grinch appears to still be scheming on how he might steal Christmas.

Group shot of Osage County emergency responders who helped with the local toy drive.

“Reformed” Grinch delivers toys.

“Helpful” Grinch unloads trucks.

“Generous” Grinch carries boxes of toys.

The Christmas creep runs off while everyone else is unloading trucks.

Local Santa Clauses unload trucks as the Grinch escapes to the outskirts of Lyndon.

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