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Spring car show brings relief from year of pandemic

The Osage City Police Department and Osage County Sheriff Office selected Taurance Roberson, left front, of Platte City, Mo., to receive the “Thin Blue Line Award”. The thin blue line flag stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of the nation make each day. The Twin Lakes Cruisers used the opportunity to express appreciation, respect and thanks for law enforcement for their service to Osage City and Osage County. Twin Lakes Cruisers photo.

Approximately 210 entrants participated in the 17th Annual Cruis’n & Cook’n Auto  Show, Saturday, April 10, 2021, in downtown Osage City along Market Street. The show was deemed a success, though the morning started out somewhat concerning regarding the weather. Mother Nature kept the rain away, and even though the temperature was a bit cool, the sun was able to break through the clouds and gave us a nice day. Everyone seemed to be ready to get out and enjoy an event after a year of uncertainty with the pandemic. The Twin Lakes Cruisers had to cancel the car show last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the participants were pleased when they learned the car club had made the decision to go ahead and have the show this year.

Thank you
Twin Lakes Cruisers appreciate the downtown business district’s support and participation with the event. They also appreciate the spectator enthusiasm and attendance and are proud to organize an event that all ages can enjoy.

The Twin Lakes Cruisers announced the following entrants as winners of the show:

Club Participation

  • Midwest Legacy Rydaz, Kansas City, Mo.

Mayor’s Choice

  • Bruce Mishler, Lyndon

Tom Nordling Memorial

  • George Berstler, Randolph

Dan Noble Memorial

  • Scott Childers, Baldwin City

Craig Ogleby Memorial

  • Bruce Mishler, Lyndon

Jody Getsinger Memorial

  • David Weddle, Wakarusa

Thin Blue Line Award

  • Taurance Roberson, Platte City, Mo.

Choice Award – 29 and older

  • David Rynn, Mound City
  • Dale Powell, Council Grove

Choice Award – 30s & 40s

  • Allen Higbee, Topeka
  • Ralph Finch, Ottawa
  • John & Glenda Carter, Lawrence
  • Dennis Fraker, Scranton
  • Tom Marstal, Wakarusa
  • Dale Powell, Council Grove

Choice Award – 50s

  • Greg Thill, Lyndon
  • Gene & Mary Treinen, Osage City
  • Keith Pearce, Berryton
  • Cody & Jerrica Preeo, Emporia

Choice Award – Chevy Tri-5s

  • Robert Meyer, Topeka
  • Fred Spellman, Emporia
  • Larry & Jeannine Colstrom, Osage City
  • Wonnie Graves, Rossville
  • Sam Humphreys, Emporia

Choice Award – 60-65

  • Mike Williams, Topeka
  • Dan Scott, Topeka
  • Mike Greer, Topeka
  • Kenneth Sutton, Ottawa
  • Fred Wiens, Topeka
  • Colene Murphy, Topeka

Choice Award – 66-69

  • Dan Schaefer, Ottawa
  • Kay Kirk, Meriden
  • Randy King, Herington
  • Oscar Trevino, Topeka
  • Robert Joe Shoemaker, Lebo
  • Steve Newcomer, Topeka
  • Oren Dick, Topeka

Choice Award – 70s

  • Bruce Mishler, Lyndon
  • Scott Childers, Baldwin City
  • Curt Rose, Emporia
  • Wayne & Anita Figgins, Pomona
  • Steven Clore, Herington
  • Daryl Weibel, Topeka

Choice Award – 80s & 90s

  • Dustin Feurborn, Carbondale
  • Miles Dean, Olathe

Choice Award – 2000 and newer

  • OT, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Taurance Roberson, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Terry & Kay McCormick
  • Steve Watkins, Carbondale
  • Mark Padgett, Osage City

Choice Award- Trucks 1959 and older

  • Nick Hipsher, Topeka
  • Paul Ledgard, Burlingame
  • Jesse & Anne Shaver, Emporia
  • George Burstler, Randoph
  • John & Sherry Jones, Emporia
  • Don Higbee, Topeka

Choice Award – Trucks 1960 and newer

  • Greg Wright, Osage City
  • George Kelsey, Wamego
  • Ramond Hovestadt, Burlingame
  • Charles Williams, Ottawa
  • Les Root, Topeka
  • Kevin Heit, Lyndon
  • Jim Gurney, Americus

Choice Award – Motorcycles

  • Larry Chrum, Osage City
  • Debi Chrum, Osage City
  • Choice Award – Rat Rods
  • Martin Luther, LeRoy
  • Mark Padgett, Osage City

Top 10

  • Bob Mai, Scranton
  • Don Meseke, Topeka
  • Cody & Jerrica Preeo, Emporia
  • Jim & Shelby Doty, Hays
  • Ronald Fechter, Belvue
  • Marquette Blango, Platte City, Mo.
  • Art Wilburn, Lyndon
  • David Weddle, Wakarusa
  • Gary Thompson, Emporia
  • Dave Varner, Topeka

Information thanks to Jeanette Swarts, Twin Lakes Cruisers.

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