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KSU Extension starts up Dining with Diabetes email challenge

In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 34.2 million Americans are living with diabetes. More than one in three – 88 million more – adults have pre-diabetes or a condition that indicates a person has a higher than normal blood sugar level.

So, it’s not a stretch to say that there is anxiety toward a disease that costs Americans more than $327 billion in medical costs and lost work productivity annually.

This fall, K-State Research and Extension will be taking the Dining with Diabetes program and adapting it to a four-week email challenge during November in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month. The challenge provides basic information on diabetes, even for those who have previously participated in a Dining with Diabetes class.

Throughout November participants will receive two weekly email messages – one on Monday and one on Thursday. Each week will include recipes and focus on defining what diabetes is, the truth about carbohydrates, meal planning, and building a support system. The weekly messages will also walk participants through setting goals, tracking progress, and reflecting on what they’ve learned.

Participants will have the option to join a private Facebook group to engage and learn from others who are facing similar challenges with diabetes. Family members and caregivers are also invited to participate in the challenge as they may have questions when it comes to planning meals and grocery shopping.

There is no cost to participate and registration will close on Oct. 27, 2021. Those interested in participating can register and learn more at www.k-state.edu/diningwithdiabetes. The first email will be sent to registered participants Nov. 1.

For more information, see the Frontier Extension District website frontierdistrict.ksu.edu, or contact Chelsea Richmond, Family and Consumer Sciences agent, at crichmon@ksu.edu or 785-448-6826.

Information thanks to Chelsea Richmond, Frontier Extension District.

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