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Willing Workers celebrate 4-H by encouraging friends to join up

By Avery Thielen, Club Reporter

Showing support for 4-H, talking to other students about the opportunities that 4-H provides, and supporting the community was the highlight for the Willing Workers 4-H Club at the beginning of October.

Willing Worker Reece Wilcoxson works on a poster supporting 4-H.

To celebrate 4-H week the club members made posters to hang in the walls of the Osage City schools. Each member was able to show how important 4-H was to them as they designed their posters. These posters allowed the members to start conversations with their friends, inviting them to the first meeting of the 4-H year, which was on October 13.

“Making posters was important so other people could know what was going on,” said Reece Wilcoxson, 4-H member.

To celebrate the national event, 24 hours of 4-H, the members made cookies and put together cookie baskets to give to heath care workers in Osage City.

“We wanted to take cookies to the health care workers because COVID has been going on and they work very hard,” said Lena Stucky, 4-H member.

Students can still enroll in 4-H. Willing Workers 4-H Club meetings are held at 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month at the Osage City Community Building. Everyone is welcome anytime.

Willing Workers 4-H Club members show baskets they made to give to health care workers in Osage City.

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