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Filings in the Osage County Courthouse, Sept. 9 – Sept. 15, 2022

The following information was compiled Sept. 9 to Sept. 15, 2022, from records at the Osage County Courthouse, Lyndon, Kan.

State Cases

  • Kansas Department of Revenue v. Adam Anderson. Income tax warrant. Filed 09/13/22. Amount: $308.52. 22ST143

Probate Cases

  • Sealed. 22PR056
  • Alice M. Fletcher. Will. Filed 09/09/22. 22PR057
  • Tammy J. Miller. Probate will. Filed 09/14/22. 22PR058

Limited Cases

  • Thriftway v. Ashley N. Brandt. Recovery of money. Filed 09/12/22. Amount: $1,035.52, plus interest, costs and other. 22LM257
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Thomas Ratcliff. Recovery of money. Filed 09/14/22. Amount: $3,682.14, plus interest, costs and other. 22LM258
  • Virgil Smith v. Koti R. Garber and Raydell E. Garber. Recovery of money. Filed 09/15/22. Amount: $500.00, plus interest, costs and other. 22LM259

Civil Cases

  • Debra J. Rasmusson v. City of Lyndon Board of Zoning Appeals. Petition for judicial review. Filed 09/14/22. 22CV039

Marriage Licenses

  • Helen K. Proctor and Katherine G. Young. Filed 09/09/22. 22MA057
  • Jordan K. Hon and Carter A. Swindale. Filed 09/13/22. 22MA058
  • Courtney E. Thompson and William D. George. Filed 09/13/22. 22MA059


  • Rosine Robert and Linda Lee Smith to Michael J. Van Nice and Diana J. Van Nice. Tract SE Corner Block 2, Rosenberg’s Addition, Osage City, NW 1/4 SW 1/4 25-16-14.
  • JoAnn White and Roxanna J. White to Jim E. Hollenbeck and Linda S. Hollenbeck. Lot 21, Block 4, Cedar Estate.
  • Cana Investments LLC to David L. Paul and Cynthia D. Paul. Tract SW Corner SE 1/4 26-14-15.
  • Angelina M. Bemis to Jamie D. White and Amy M. Cummings. Lots 1-3, Block 25, Original Melvern.
  • Cheri L. Solomon, Lori A. Huggins and Ross Huggins to Marsha Morgan and Dino Schimmel. S 1/2 NW 1/4 18-14-17.
  • Linda G. Ames and Douglas Ames to Dane E. Wells and Carolyn M. Wells. Tract NW Corner NW 1/4 3-15-16.
  • The Shirley E. Cole Living Trust to Patricia Colson. Lots 10 and 12, Block 3, Miller and Kesler’s Addition, Overbrook.
  • Linda G. Ames and Douglas Ames to Daniel J. Jacobs and Kendra L. Jacobs. N 100 Ac SW 1/4 11-15-15.
  • Leatrice Atwood and John W. Atwood to Peggy Myers. S 50 ft Odd Lots 1-5, Block 19, Wetherell’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Ross D. Brinker and Susan M. Brinker to F&L Enterprises, Inc.. SE 1/4 12-16-13 and NE 1/4 NE 1/4 13-16-13.
  • RH Farms Inc. to Gretchen Vandevord. Tract SE Corner SW 1/4 31-14-15.


  • Lyndon State Bank to Michael J. Dorsey. Tract NW corner E 1/2 NW 1/4 34-16-14.
  • Bank of Osage City to Bradley D. Meek. Various tracts 2-16-14, Tracts NW 1/4 11-16-14 and Blocks 29, 30 and 61, Osage Carbon Company Addition, Peterton.
  • Bank of Osage City to Samantha Adams. Tract NW Corner NW 1/4 14-16-13.
  • CoreFirst Bank and Trust to Linda L. Douglas. Lots 6 and 8, Block 3, Fairchild’s Addition, Overbrook.
  • Envista Credit Union to Steven L. Kash. Lots 66 and 67, Royal Pines Estates.
  • Frontier Farm Credit to Trevor J. Anderson and Stephanie A. Anderson (Partial). Tract SW Corner NW 1/4 29-16-16.
  • MERS (Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.) to Jordan A. Bailey. Lots 1 and 2, Block 7, Canniff’s Addition, Burlingame.

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