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Meet a local 4-Her: Bella Reeser, friend of her animals

My name is Isabella Reeser; this is my fifth year in 4-H and my first year in the sheep project. My sister and I decided this year we would like to try a new project, sheep. I was so excited for this project! Unlike my sister, I have never had the chance to show livestock, so I couldn’t wait! To get us started for our birthdays, our parents and grandparents bought each a ewe and wether lamb.

In late March, our journey began by going to a local farmer’s farm to pick out our lambs. The lambs were kept at our grandparent’s house, and every day my sister and I would go to their house twice a day to feed and water them. Then while my sister and mom were at work, I would practice walking and give them baths.

During this project, I learned how to gradually increase their feed to help work them up to being on full feed, how to clean a sheep pen, how to bathe and shear sheep, how to show sheep properly, and how much work it takes to take care of them at the fair. I loved every step along the way with this project.

Even though I was sad when I had to sell my wether, I am looking forward to breeding my ewe and buying a new wether and showing it and my ewe at next summer’s fairs.

Celebrating National 4-H Week, Oct. 2-8, 2022!

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