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Willing Workers 4-H Club starts off new 4-H year willingly working

Sweeping the playground at Osage City Elementary School are Willing Workers, from left, Lelia Wilcoxson, Kassie Thielen, Claire Newman, Lena Stucky, and Paige Thielen. Courtesy photo.

By Avery Thielen
Club Reporter

The Willing Workers 4-H Club jumpstarted its 4-H year by celebrating National 4-H Week and 48 Hours of 4-H, and initiating the officers who will serve in a leadership role this year. The club has always been open to help their community. On Oct. 2, 2022, the Willing Workers 4-H club journeyed out to clean the school playground and paint windows. After asking for ideas for National 4-H week, the club thought that cleaning the Osage City Elementary School playground would be a great way to help the community.

The club used brooms and leaf blowers to clean up mulch, dirt and trash, making the playground look much cleaner. After cleaning, the club went to Market Street to paint windows and glass doors, saying “Join 4-H.”

Willing Workers 4-H Club thanks the businesses that allowed us to paint their windows.

Playground cleaning crew, front from left, Mason Newman, Charlotte Ferrer, Leila Wilcoxson, Clara Thielen, Ruby Stucky, Jack Ferrer , Kassie Thielen, back, Reece Wilcoxson, Lena Stucky, Kevin Whitmer, Brody Thompson, Claire Newman, Jaiton Bosse, Avery Thielen, and Paige Thielen. Courtesy photo.

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