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ECAT offers heartfelt thanks to community for holiday generosity

With heartfelt thanks ECAT once again has been humbled by the generous outpouring of support we received from the community, businesses, clubs, USD 420, churches and individuals. Individuals not just from Osage City – some who grew up here and now make their home in other states yet still claim Osage City as their home, and others who have no connection to Osage City other than knowing about ECAT programs and want to be a part of helping those less fortunate.

Thank you to the churches, clubs, individuals from Osage City and other cities who called to adopt children. Adopting a family requires finding time to shop, wrap the gifts and meet the ECAT timeframe for distribution, all done while taking care of their own busy lives. It is a huge commitment during the busiest time of the year. Thank you to everyone who adopted children. There were many happy children on Christmas Day.

ECAT is blessed with the wonderful support we continue to receive from the community and outside supporters. Schools, churches, and businesses have food drives throughout the year, and many churches and businesses have food drives for our Thanksgiving and Christmas special food boxes.

ECAT is looking forward to 2023 knowing that our food pantry will be well stocked with no one going without food thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Ecumenical Christian Action Team volunteers and board

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