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Hometown health scare: Star Wars villains make spooky appearances on Halloween

Lyndon’s crossing guard had unexpected assistance on Halloween, as Darth Vader showed up to help at the school crossing. Courtesy photo.

A couple of local business people decided to have some fun on Halloween, and ended up visiting senior centers, senior living apartments, the sheriff’s office, chambers of commerce, and hospitals across Osage, Lyon, and Coffey counties.

Maria Petersen, marketing specialist with Home Town Health Care, and the company’s COO Jon Reed dressed in Star Wars costumes for the day – Peterson was a storm trooper and Reed was Darth Vader.

Franny Deters holds Darth Vader at bay with a light saber during his Halloween visit to the Osage County Senior Center. Courtesy photo.

The two started their day with the Lyndon school crossing patrol near Casey’s in Lyndon, helping kids cross Topeka Avenue on their way to school. The kids seemed to like Darth Vader helping stop traffic as they crossed. Later in the day while visiting a hospital, the two were told it was just as exciting as a driver being stopped by Darth Vader while on their way to work. They were told one driver took a photo because he said his wife would never believe him when he told her Darth Vader was helping at the school zone.

During a stop at Osage County Senior Center, the storm trooper called bingo while Darth Vader watched and visited with seniors. The two also made an appearance at Burlington, at the city’s trunk-or-treat held on Neosho Street.

The Star Wars duo spread Halloween fun across the area, wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

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