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Crowd gathers for Overbrook Rural High School annual reunion

Overbrook Rural High School alumni students from classes of the 1950s, who gathered at the ORHS reunion May 25, included, Seated from left, Joyce (Garst) Dillon, Mary (Rappard) Anderson, Gary Anderson, Jim Goodyear, Marsha (Garst) McKee, Judy (Moeller) Martin, and Dale Fox, back, Mike Rose, Major Simmons, Carol (Cooper) Goodyear, Jim Anderson, Gale Warren and Gary Goff. Photo by Cliff O’Bryhim.

More than 80 people attended the 2024 Overbrook Rural High School All-School Reunion held May 25, 2024, at the Overbrook Public Library. This is the third year for the event.

The oldest alumni present were Calvin Caniff, age 101, class of 1940, and Ruth Ann (Ruddick) Hackler, age 100, class of 1941. The ORHS graduate who traveled the farthest was Neva (Vann) Van Valkenburg, class of 1950, from Virginia.

The reunion was planned and hosted by three members of the ORHS class of 1964. The Kansas State Bank in Overbrook sponsored the event room.

Information thanks to Sue Anderson.

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