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A Cowboy’s Faith: Early risers get more done

buchmanhead“Early to bed, early to rise makes a cowboy healthy, wealthy and wise.”

That old saying isn’t completely true, but there’s still worth in the philosophy. It does seem: “The early bird gets the worm.”

Farmers and ranchers of an earlier day typically were up and outside milking cows, or riding their horse to a pasture far from headquarters, to be ready to go with “real work” at daylight.

It is a habit that is difficult to change. We recall farmers “who moved to town” when they retired, after working hard their entire life. When 5 o’clock came, or 5:30 for some, it was just like the rooster crowed, they were up and at it.

But, there was nothing to do, and we’d see them swinging on the front porch of their home in town. Sadly, most of them didn’t live long after, yet those who remained in their farm homes were still going two or three decades longer.

Still, people who follow the early roosting for an earlier start on the new day somehow seem to get more done. While we’ve always had a town job, our folks were continually up by 6 o’clock, and getting something worthwhile accomplished an hour later.

At college, we followed the lifetime upbringing and had 7:30 morning classes every day, although we admit sometimes being a bit late after walking across campus. It was kind of embarrassing for a then-skinny cowboy with a brown felt hat walking into the front of a classroom in session, strutting by everyone giving us the evil eye, or we imagined.

Now four decades later, we still get on the road well before the sun’s up and feel like bedtime when it sets in the west. Our inspiration is the near 90-year-old farmer we pass twice each day, already working in the morning and still going in the evening.

It does seem one might be healthier following an early sleep and rise routine, but there’s sure a misnomer to becoming more affluent and informed. To the contrary, we’re almost broke and seemingly ignorant. Still, those who get up late almost always get less done in a day.

Reminds us of Ecclesiastes 5:12: “Hard and honest work earns a good night’s sleep.” Because, Psalm 127:2 “He enjoys giving rest to those He loves.”

Frank_BuchmanFrank J. Buchman is a lifelong rancher from Alta Vista, a lifetime newspaper writer, syndicated national ag writer and a radio marketing consultant. He writes a weekly column to share A Cowboy’s Faith.

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