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Osage County 4-Hers attend junior livestock show at Hutchinson

Local 4-H members attended the Kansas Junior Livestock Show the weekend of Oct. 3, 2020, in Hutchinson, Kan. Front from left, J.P. Sand, Gradey McNally, Gentry McNally, Gage Kilgore, and Tyler Williams, back, Grace Croucher, Allie Kneisler, Ethan Kneisler, Braelyn McNally, and Kinsley Garrison, and not pictured, Chloe Cannon and Jaiton Bosse.

Meet a local 4-Her: For Lily Shultz, 4-H is part of her life

My name is Lily Shultz and 4-H has always been a piece of my life! Some of my earliest memories are centered around 4-H events and projects. I began attending 4-H meetings with my older brother and sister long before I was an official member. I have helped at the county fairs as far back as I can remember, participated in many 4-H competitions and community service projects, and have experimented with numerous different 4-H projects. Art, food science, photography, gardening, knitting/crochet, sewing, space technology, reading, and woodworking to name a few. I have gained many new interests during my years in 4-H and have nurtured many preexisting passions along the way.

I was selected to be the 2017 Osage County 4-H Queen, I received a national youth leadership award, The I Dare You Award, and have served in various official positions within my club and on the Osage County 4-H Council. I am also excited to share that this past 4-H year I won the 4-H Kansas State Performing Arts Award. 4-H provided me with all of these opportunities and I cannot allow my final year as a member in this program to end without giving credit to the parties responsible for making my 4-H career such a successful and pleasant experience.

First I would like to thank anyone that has sponsored or contributed to the sponsoring of a 4-H project award. Please know that I am not simply thanking you for sponsoring awards that I have won – my gratitude is for something so much bigger: Be it at the county fair level or beyond, you have shown your support and I am deeply grateful. It is your generosity and kindness that not only keep this program functioning, but makes participating in it worthwhile.

I want to thank my family, club leaders, 4-H Research and Extension agents (you know who you are!) fair judges, and all those that have invested their time in me, and have been willing to teach me new things and answer my (seemingly endless) questions with patience and love.

To all my younger, fellow 4-Her friends: I have loved learning with you, having the privilege of leading you and watching you all grow and develop your skills. Always remember that you are excellent, you are brilliant, and you are capable of changing the world! Kindness and determination will take you far. Never give up!

Finally, to all of you: 4-H does not create great leaders. 4-H does not forge incredible minds, nor does 4-H breed the next generation of great communicators, agricultural geniuses, engineers, artists, performers, designers or entrepreneurs. 4-H is only an avenue through which such talent and skills can be discovered, honed, encouraged and developed. I dare say that my entire 4-H experience would have been a waste were it not for one key element that is, I’m afraid, far too often overlooked: People. You. Volunteers. Human beings that were willing to contribute their time, energy and resources to providing me with a safe, healthy environment in which I could explore, learn, create and, yes, at times fail. For that is when we have the greatest opportunity to learn and thrive. Success would not and could not come to me or any other 4-Her that has been or ever will be, without the dedication and kindness of people like you who are willing to show your care and support. People are fallible and therefore not every 4-H experience I’ve had has been the perfect, inspiring and wonderful adventure that some might lead you to believe. But each experience has been an adventure – and an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, maybe lead, contribute in your community, And to gain a new perspective. It is the people behind a program, not the program itself, that teach these things – and for that I am forever grateful.

Because of you, I can with perfect confidence and without hesitation state that my 4-H experience has been one where the good far outweighs the bad (no contest), where my time has been spent on something worthwhile, and where I have truly been taught the skills to, as the 4-H motto says, “Make The Best Better!”

God bless you all during these uncertain times and may you continue to build each other up in hope of building up our world.

Lily Shultz

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Cole Thompson’s carved fishing lures catch big awards at fairs

Cole Thompson, a seven-year 4-H member, currently serves as junior president of the Willing Workers 4-H Club.

Projects taken to the fair this year included beef, swine, visual arts, foods, and welding.

Favorite 4-H activity from the year: I was glad that we got to show at the fair. I worked really hard and was glad that I got to show my animals and projects.

Best 4-H memory this year: I am proud that I worked really hard and made hand-carved fishing lures this year. I received Reserve Grand Champion at the Osage City fair and a purple at the Overbrook fair.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Brody Thompson, willing worker, willing helper

Brody Thompson is a member of the Willing Workers 4-H Club, and had been in 4-H for five years. He serves as historian for his club and his main project exhibited at the fair was goats. He has also taken interest in photography and sharing it with others, saying his favorite activity of the past year was “being able to give a talk on taking better pictures at Club Days.”

“My favorite 4-H memory this year is being able to hang out with my family more and being able to show at the fair. With everything going on in the world it was nice to have something to do.”

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Ethan Kneisler – busy with projects, helping others learn

My name is Ethan Kneisler and this is my sixth year in 4-H. I am the president of the Osage County 4-H Council and the treasurer of the Lyndon Leaders 4H Club.

My favorite thing about 4-H is working on the projects and working with my animals. This year I showed a heifer, steer and pigs. I also really like working on my garden for horticulture and I love working on different woodworking projects. This year I made a blanket chest. This year was very different as I competed in a judging contest online.

Since I am in the leadership project I am a junior leader for livestock and electrical. I enjoy helping our younger members in the club with their projects. I really enjoy 4-H and I plan to keep showing animals and working on my different projects. I also enjoy the 4-H meetings and hanging out with my friends at the fairs.

What 4-H means to me is that it’s a learning curve in someone’s life – that they can learn so much by talking to people, interacting with one another, and having fun at the same time. I really love seeing the younger kids enjoy being at the fair, and seeing them and interacting with them.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Braelyn McNally – cancelled events didn’t slow her down

Hi, my name is Braelyn McNally and I am a member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club, where I am serving as our club president. This was my fourth year in 4-H and this year I was enrolled in beef, clothing, foods and nutrition and visual arts.

In my beef project I bought one steer, Gonzo, and two heifers, Adelee and Rosie. I got Reserve Grand Champion with Gonzo at the Osage City fair, and Grand Champion with my heifer Adelee. At the Overbrook fair, my heifer Rosie got Grand Champion!

I had so much fun this summer showing my steer and heifers as well as hanging out with my friends in the barns. For cooking, I made a new recipe, Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins, and I entered them at both of our fairs. For clothing, it was hard because I couldn’t go out like I normally do and try on different outfits, but lucky for me I had outfits already in my closet that fit nicely! I bought my dress last fall on clearance and have got a lot of use out of it last fall and this summer. For visual arts, I made a painting with buttons in the shape of a hot air balloon. This was really fun to paint and make! I also entered it at both fairs this summer.

Due to COVID-19, a lot of events were cancelled, including one of my favorites, 4-H camp. I was able to participate in our district’s favorite foods contest, which was held virtually. This year I made a family favorite, Rita Casserole. I created a cute centerpiece that coordinated with my casserole from things we already had at our house. I then talked about the nutritional value of the casserole and told how to make it and how the centerpiece fit with the theme of my dish. For the district contest I was first place for Osage County intermediate, and received third place at our SE area contest.

I also participated in my club’s local activities, such as our making Christmas packages for local men and women who are deployed overseas, and caroling around Melvern. I also helped our club with the local Trunk or Treat.

Even though I was not able to do all the events and activities I normally do my 4-H year was still a great year and I can’t wait to start the next!

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Gradey McNally – getting involved means having fun in 4-H

Hi, my name is Gradey McNally and I am a second year member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club. For my second year in 4-H I enrolled in the beef, visual arts, clothing and foods and nutrition. In my beef project I bought two steers, Spot and Star. I was able to show them both at the Osage City and Overbrook fairs.

I had so much fun with my friends at the fairs this summer working with our animals and spending time together. For cooking I made one of my favorites, banana bread! For visual arts, I put a Lego kit together and entered that for both fairs.

Besides the fairs, which is always one of the highlights of my summer, was getting to help my club with our annual caroling event and putting together a box of goodies for local soldiers who are deployed during the Christmas season.

A few other activities I attended were our district’s officers training, where I went to the recreation training, and County Club Days, where I gave a Demonstration on “Show Day”. I also got to help with the annual Melvern Thanksgiving dinner as well as our local Trunk or Treat.

I cannot wait to start my third year of 4-H and continue having fun while learning about my projects and giving back to my community!

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Ryanne McNellis – persevered with fair projects despite pandemic

Ryanne McNellis is a member of the Clover Wranglers 4-H Club and has been in 4-H for five years. Projects exhibited at the fair this year includes photography, crocheting, wildlife sport fishing, constructed clothing, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and ceramics.

While her favorite 4-H activity this past year was participating in the Osage City fair, she said her memories of this summer were not her favorite due to COVID-19.

“My memory of this year (didn’t say it was my favorite) was no state fair to attend, and not being able to go to the county fairs and have fun,” she said.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Kaiden Bosse, learning her way around a show ring

Kaiden Bosse has been in 4-H for three years and is a member of the Willing Workers 4-H Club, with which she serves as recreation leader.

Kaiden’s projects shown at local fairs include breeding and market swine and junior bucket calf. Her favorite 4-H experiences this past year center on her livestock showmanship successes, including grand champion junior bucket calf showman and reserve grand champion junior swine showman at the Overbrook Fair.

Her favorite 4-H activity this past year was tie-dying T-shirts.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Jaiton Bosse bonds with her favorite gilt

Jaiton Bosse is a six-year member of 4-H, and is the junior secretary for her 4-H club, Willing Workers 4-H Club.

Projects taken to the fair this year included breeding and market swine.

Favorite 4-H activity of the year: Showing at Kansas Junior Livestock Show and State Fair Grand Drive.

Best 4-H experience this year: I was very excited to have my gilt win her breed at the Osage City fair (Champion York Breeding Gilt), and get Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman at the Overbrook fair.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Karley Lowry shows unbridled enthusiasm for 4-H exhibits

Karley Lowry currently serves as treasurer of the Burlingame 4-H Club. Though she has only been in 4-H for one year, she has jumped into her projects for the fair, which include horses, market goats, bucket calves, breeding and market beef, pet/cats, and cooking. She also stacked up ribbons this year, taking purple in cooking at Osage City fair; blues for market goat and bucket calf; blues for market steer at Overbrook; Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer at Osage City; blue at the Overbrook pet show for her cat.

Her favorite 4-H activity this year: Showing my goat.

Best 4-H memory: Participating in the community food drive that our club held for our local church.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Katie Lowry, working with cattle provides 4-H joy

Katie Lowry, a member of Burlingame 4-H Club, has been in 4-H for five years. Projects taken to the fairs include horses, breeding goats, and breeding and market beef. She earned the high point intermediate showman at both the Overbrook and Osage City fairs at the horse show, and had the champion Angus steer at both fairs this year.

Katie holds the office of 4-H Council representative for her club. Working with her cows is her favorite 4-H activity.

Best 4-H memory this year was: Going to spring shows with my cows. It gave me the chance to watch more experienced exhibitors and learn some things.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Gage Kilgore – 4-H leads to fun at the fairs

Gage Kilgore, right, with his prize-winning swine at the Overbrook fair.

Gage Kilgore, member of the Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club, has been in 4-H for three years. His fair projects have included swine, clothing, visual arts, and wildlife.

Favorite 4-H activity from the year: My favorite activity is the county fairs.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory was camping during fair week Overbrook with the other 4-Hers.

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Grady Frederickson’s 4-H explorations include visual arts and poultry

Grady Frederickson with his grand champion poultry exhibit at the Overbrook fair.

Grady Frederickson has been in 4-H for two years and is a member of North Osage 4-H Club. He participated in fairs at Osage City, Overbrook, and the Kansas State Fair, with projects that included visual arts, nutrition, display board, poultry, poultry showmanship, and poultry judging.

His favorite 4-H activity has been poultry shows and the state fair, which led to his favorite 4-H experience over the past year, “showing my favorite hen at the state fair.”

Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

Meet a local 4-Her: Avery Theilen loves her bucket calf; calf loves watermelon

Avery Theilen has been in 4-H for three years and is a member of Willing Workers 4-H Club. Avery has served as a recreation leader for the club.

Avery has taken her bucket calf, Muffin, to the fair, and has entered exhibits in the visual arts category. Her favorite 4-H activity this past year was showing Muffin at the fair.

Her favorite 4-H experience: Making people laugh when I told them my bucket calf likes watermelon and strawberry popsicles. She does love them!


Celebrating 4-H Week
Oct. 4-10, 2020

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