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Osage County Nutrition Sites Daily Menu; General Transportation Fee Schedule

East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Sites Menu

To reserve a meal at local nutrition sites: Osage City, call 785-528-4170; Burlingame, call 785-893-3425; Carbondale, call 785-893-1107. For more information about local meal sites and delivery, contact East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging at 785-242-7200.

November 2021

1 Cheeseburger, potato salad, ranchero fiesta vegetable, whole wheat bun, mandarin oranges
2 Chicken tenders, green beans, stewed tomatoes, whole wheat bread, pears.
3 Friendship Day, slice turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrot coins, whole wheat roll, fruit fluff.
4 Pork cutlet, sweet potato casserole, calico corn, whole wheat bread, pineapple.
5 Swedish meatball and noodles, peas and onions, stewed apples, whole wheat bread, oatmeal cookie.

8 Chicken pattie on bun, potato rounds, broccoli, bun, strawberry cup.
9 Beef tips and peppers, white rice, peas and carrots, whole wheat roll, fruit mandarin oranges and pineapple.
10 Ham and beans,     seasoned spinach, cornbread, apricots.
11 Veterans Day, Salisbury steak and gravy, potato wedges, winter mix vegetables, whole wheat roll, strawberries.
12 Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, whole wheat French roll, peaches.

15 Roast pork, herbed red potatoes, carrots, whole wheat bread, blush pears.
16 Spaghetti and meatballs, Italian blend mixed vegetables, Texas bread, peaches.
17 Thanksgiving meal, roast turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes green bean casserole, whole wheat roll, pumpkin bar.
18 Chili, orange juice, stewed apples, cinnamon roll.
19 Vegetable beef stew, coleslaw, biscuit, fruit mix.

22 Creamy mushroom steak, baby bake potatoes, broccoli, whole wheat bread, peaches.
23 Pork riblet and bun, macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes, bun, fruit cup.
24 Birthday Day, chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green peas, whole wheat roll, strawberry Jell-O cake, ice cream.
25 Closed for holiday.
26 Closed for holiday.

29 Beef macaroni casserole, succotash, whole wheat bread, mixed fruit.
30 Pork chop, black-eyed peas, spinach, wheat roll, Mandarin oranges.

Osage County General Public Transportation
104 N 9th St, Osage City, Ks 66523
Phone: 785-528-4960

Notice, effective July 1, 2021, Osage County General Public Transportation will be a fare-based service. Fares will be as follows:

In Osage County – maximum of two stops – $4

Outside Osage County – maximum of two stops

$8 = 20 mile
$10 = 21-29 miles
$12 = 30-39 miles (example: Topeka, Emporia and Ottawa)
$15 = 40-49 miles
$20 = 50-69 miles (example: Lawrence)
$25 = 70-85 miles
$30 = 86-90 miles
$40 = 91-110 miles (example: Kansas City, Kan.)
$50 = 111-140 miles (example Wichita, Kan. or Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport)

Qualifications for lower fares will be determined by the following: Age 60 and over; low income, some type of state assistance; disabled, state disability; half price fare.

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