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County Comment – Garage Sales


County Comment is provided for comments on any topic of interest to people who live in Osage County, Kansas. Welcomed on County Comment are thank you notes, fundraisers, events, opinions, news tips, sales of personal items, garden vegetables, or garage and yard sales. If you think Osage County should know about it, post it here!

County Comment is pretty simple: Treat others with the same respect you’d want for yourself.

  • Garage sale ads – include times and dates of your sale, street address, city, or contact information. A listing of items may be included. Ads should be for sales in Osage County or nearby towns. Ads will be removed after the sale date has past.
  • Ads and comments will be reviewed before published and will not appear immediately.
  • Businesses are asked to contact Osage County News for local online advertising options, or 785-828-4994.

To post a comment or free sale ad, sign in below with an email address or social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter or IntenseDebate. 

50 Responses to County Comment – Garage Sales

  1. Jean says:

    Why are we being taxed if we have no road repair (which I understand that it is not the time of year to fix a road but it has never been fixed) a high water bill which includes repair and updates, no gas service, no fire plug, high speed internet which is also paid for by the consumer and mail service that needs to be looked at closely? Take a good look at 205th street entrance and the side of the road both are badly in need of fixing. We have one way in and one way out. We the people have to pay for tires that get ruined, security lights and animal control which I have asked for twice and with no response.

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