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Jan and Wayne

Osagecountyonline.com and Osage County News provide news and information about Osage County, Kansas, and the surrounding area. The news site is delivered by Wayne White and Jan Williams.

Wayne and Jan have lived in Osage County for about 14 years. After living a year in downtown Vassar, they later found a home on a wind-swept hill overlooking the Dragoon Creek Valley, where they enjoy country life with their dog, Zeke, a cat, (cat needed), and a enough chickens to provide a steady supply of farm-fresh eggs.

Jan and Wayne both have a working journalism background. Wayne has served as editor of three weekly newspapers, Barber County Index, Newkirk Herald Journal and Osage County Herald Chronicle, over 17 years. Jan has served in various capacities of the newspaper business at the Pratt Tribune, Barber County Index and the Newkirk Herald Journal. Both are skilled in writing and photography and have interest in the expanding possibilities of media and communication technology.

In their spare time, they enjoy outdoor hobbies including caving, canoeing, fishing, camping, hiking and mountain biking. A local attraction they believe Osage County should be proud of is the ongoing volunteer-driven development of rail trails – the Flint Hills Nature Trail and the Landon Nature Trail. Osage County’s two federal reservoirs and its state fishing lake are also premium recreational assets they believe area residents and businesses should not take for granted.

Since moving to the country, in rural Scranton, they also have renewed their past interest in gardening, leading to them earning ribbons for a variety of vegetables at the Osage County Fair. Wayne is especially proud of exhibiting the blue ribbon cabbage of Osage County for five years in a row.

The idea for www.osagecountyonline.com came to them after watching other hometown news sites that have been well-received in similar market areas, and the public’s trending reliance on online media for obtaining news and information. The goals of the news site will be to offer local news quickly, accurately, and at no charge to readers, and provide a vehicle for local businesses to reach their customers. Readers will be able to access local news 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from wherever and whatever method they choose to log on to the Internet, whether home computer, while on break at work, coffee shop wi-fi, or smart phone.

Osage County News’ coverage focuses on information that is helpful and of interest to readers who live in Osage County and surrounding areas – people, crime and courts, county and city government, academics and sports, business and recreation. Coverage will also rely on citizen reporting to involve the readers in their hometown news source. News tips of local interest, especially about people, sports, school and community, will be welcomed.

Wayne and Jan’s intentions – to be out and about enjoying their home. See you somewhere in Osage County!

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  1. Denae says:

    I want to submit a estate sale and, how do I do that,?

  2. Wayne Krolka says:

    I was sitting in my study late one night

    trying to find a shorter route to India,

    when I discovered your website.

    It was a joy unbounded!!

    Thank you for such a great publication!!

    Yours truly,

    Wayne Krolka

  3. Philip Wessel says:

    Sure am happy to see this site. I have lived here approx 50 years. Will be watching. Have taken the paper forever, and will continue to do so. Love the old memories section.

  4. Kathy W says:

    I'm so glad you started this service for Osage County and the surrounding area. I hope many people are using the site to find out more about what's happening in and around our area.

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