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  1. OsageWayne says:

    From Captain's owner: Just wanted to let you know Captain has been found. Thank you for helping us get the word out.

  2. OsageWayne says:

    Moving sale – 810 Ellinwood, Osage City, Kansas
    July 20 and 21 – 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days.

  3. OsageWayne says:

    On behalf of the Brian Allison family and those who helped with the benefit, we would like to thank all of you who helped with the Allison Benefit. Without all of your support in donating food, items for the silent auction, your time in helping with the benefit and your generous monetary donations none of this would have been possible. We were able to raise enough money to help support their immediate needs. Please continue to keep Brian and his family in your prayers and again thank you very much for your support. God Bless you!

  4. OsageWayne says:

    I had a semi-feral cat come to my house and of course I fed it. We called it Bob. Well, later we decided Betty would be a more appropriate name! She birthed four beautiful kittens. I was able to confine mama and the kittens in a safe room – complete with kitty tree, plenty of food, toys, a new fan for ventilation, etc. And there they have been for the past nine weeks. Kittens are going to the vet this week for their first visit and shots.
    They are ready for adoption. Two are all white, two are white with a few orange spots. Adoption will be in pairs because kitties need a friend. (Three years ago I adopted two brother kitties and have never regretted that decision. Is amazing to see the interaction.)
    Here are the details/requirements: They must be indoor kitties (for a long, healthy life), no declawing (to watch how a cat uses his claws to pick up things is eye-opening, and makes you realize that declawing is actually like cutting off your fingers at the first joint). Each pair of kitties will go home with one carrier, 40 pound sack of litter, litter box/scoop, wet food, dry food. The best part – I WILL PAY FOR SPAY/NEUTER AT THE APPROPRIATE AGE, as long as they are taken to South Shore Animal Hospital (Dr. Jen and her staff). I probably have left out details, but, with commitment on the part of the new 'parents this is a great deal. All free. Their names are Jazz (jazz music), Cymba (short for cymbal), Timpi (short for timpani), and finally Crash (short for crash cymbal).
    Being lover of animals, I want to do right by all these guys. After adoption, mama Betty will be spayed. I just completed this process for another identical situation. Looking for those with commitment and ability to provide safe, fun home – with lots of love.
    If interested in adopting, please contact me, Marilyn Caudell, at 785-248-6482.

  5. OsageWayne says:

    Thank you to 2018 Cruis’n & Cook’n Auto Show sponsors
    Due to the inclement weather, the 14th annual 2018 “Cruis’n & Cook’n” Auto Show had to be canceled.
    Major sponsors that contributed to the show were A & R Auto Salvage, Bailey & Sons Motor Co., Bank of Osage City, Big O Tire-Topeka, Branine Chevrolet-Buick, Bull’s Eye Liquor, Carl’s Tire & Lube-Scranton, Central Kansas Insurance Agency-Waverly, Eagle’s FOE 3890, Fiber Tech, First National Bank of Kansas, Hanna’s Auto Repair-Lyndon, Harmon Dental, Hell Rayzors Roadhouse/Rayzor Auto, Inc-Harveyville, JP Tree Service, Kansas Outlaws Club, Landmark National Bank, Mullins True Care Electrical, NAPA-Osage City, Osage County Herald Chronicle, Osage Salvage & Recycling, Reed Company, R.W. Evenson Inc.-Topeka, Salt Creek Rehab & Fitness, The Bug Guys, The Toy Shed.
    We wish to thank all other sponsors and businesses that contributed to our show and also thank the city employees for all of their planning, preparation and execution of needed tasks for the show. They do a lot before and after the show that helps to make it a success.
    The growth of the community is derived from the support of these businesses. We are looking forward to the 15th annual auto show in 2019.
    Twin Lakes Cruisers

  6. OsageWayne says:

    Thank you From SOS Executive Director
    Dear SOS Friends,
    Christmas 2017 was more than amazing at SOS because of all of you. So many individuals, businesses, organizations all came together to help us make a difference in at total of 54 families, 110 people with a total of 93 children. We are so grateful for those of you who truly stepped up to helped us make our clients Christmas extra special this year. Many tears of joy were shed instead of tears of sorrow. Our offices looked like Santa had brought a semi instead of a sleigh this Christmas.
    May God bless each of you for your help, your heart, and your hands!
    Happy 2018!
    Best wishes,
    Connie J Cahoone, SOS Executive Director and the SOS team

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