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37 Responses to County Comment – Garage Sales

  1. OsageWayne says:

    Lyndon Lions will be serving a spaghetti supper December 8 in the LHS cafeteria. The menu is spaghetti with meat sauce, veggies, french bread and desserts, and we serve from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Don't worry about cooking and have a meal at the ball game.

  2. Betty Joan Hughs says:

    I was asked today if I owned any weapons of war. I said “yes, my art! Art is historically man’s or woman’s most powerfully weapon!” OG Lewis one this is true! And I vow to use my art to fight the war waged on the elderly in Osage County, Kansas!! If you are elderly in Osage County Kansas you are not safe from attack even in your own home. If your report an attack or if there is an issue and you call the police. You will be charged by Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones, with a class c misdemeanor and be prosecuted even if you are the victim! (he sent me 9 your the victim letters, and the police report said I was the one and only victim) Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones will file charges on you, even while saying you are the victim you will be charged with a crime. He will not care that those who, beat you. Punching you in the face, giving you a concussion, breaking your finger, blooding your arm and trying to break your neck, were both 30 + years younger than you and that there were two of them against only, you! He just wants a “win” to insure his “conviction’s” record! Elderly of osage county kansas, stand up and tell the state of Kansas that this is wrong! We elderly should never have to feel. That we can not call for help to protect us against/ from being beaten and abused. Then abused again by a self serving old people hating, County Attorney Brandon Jones! If you have any questions about this or want to see the pictures of my injurIes pm me I will be glad to share all! Let us start a movement against a self serving, elder hating county attorney!!! And make him follow the laws of Kansas; as written. K.S.A. 21-5231; 2010 house bill 2668 ch 30 sec 7.

  3. OsageWayne says:

    Loretta Harder created iTone Free Fitness for women five years ago to provide women in and around Osage County a resource to get fit and have fun doing at no cost to them.
    Season 5 begins Sept. 5, 2017, at Carbondale City Hall, Third and Main streets, Carbondale, Kan. Walk it, tone it with toning and strength training fitness coach Loretta Harder, every Tuesday and Thursday, and walk-in class instructor Anna every Monday and Wednesday; sessions are held 6-7 p.m.
    Consult your physician before starting any fitness program. No babysitting services available at this time.
    For more information, contact Loretta Harder at 785-231-4376.

  4. OsageWayne says:

    Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Friendly Visitors Program is for seniors living in Osage County and helps them maintain their independence. Volunteers are paired with older adults to provide socialization through phone calls or in-home visits. To volunteer or make referrals, please contact Marilyn Thomas at [email protected] or call toll free 888-737-1137.

  5. OsageWayne says:

    ORBIS invites potential employees to Osage City Job Fair
    Join ORBIS on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, for its Job Fair, taking place at the plant at 515 S. 4th Street in Osage City, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Starting pay is $12.50 per hour for operators. No experience needed and training is provided. For more information, please call 785-528-4875.

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