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Help Wanted: Three Lakes seeks full-time paraeducators

Three Lakes Educational Cooperative is seeking full-time paraeducators for schools in Osage and West Franklin Counties. Applications are available online at or at Three Lakes Educational Cooperative, 1318 Topeka Ave., Lyndon KS.

OCPR Update: Dance the winter away!

OCPR-logo-redWinter is here, but Osage City Parks and Recreation is giving kids a reason to dance – at the OCHS dance clinic.

The clinic is for students from pre-K and kindergarten, first and second grade, and third-eighth grade. Practice is 6-8 p.m. January 16 and 17, at the OCHS gym. Dancers will perform during half-time of the OCHS boys varsity game on January 22.

OCPR Update: Decorate for the holidays with your own creations

OCPR-logo-redOsage City Parks and Recreation has scheduled arts and crafts workshops for students to create their own cards and decorations for the holidays. Also approaching are signup deadlines for youth basketball for younger kids. Here’s the upcoming schedule of winter activities.

Can YOU help? Do you have unneeded equipment taking up space?

Equipment Donation Drive

Did you know that your lightly used durable medical equipment can help a Kansan with disabilities who needs Assistive Technology, but can’t afford it?

The ATK-KEE Reuse Program accepts donated equipment that can be refurbished to high quality standards and then given, free of charge, to Kansans with disabilities and health conditions who need them.

ATK-KEE accepts donations such as:

Manual and powered wheelchairs * Scooters and power operated vehicles
Communication devices * Home care beds * Patient lifts * Shower chairs
Standers and gait trainers * Walkers with seats and handbrakes.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018
Address: Resource Center for Independent Living, 1137 Laing St., Osage City
Time: 8 a.m. -4 p.m.

Call for information or to arrange pick up:

Sponsored by: The Resource Center for Independent Living
Assistive Technology for Kansans
Kansas Equipment Exchange.

OCPR Update: Get off the bench and get on the ball!

OCPR-logo-redThere’s no doubt about which season it is – basketball! It might be cool outside, but Osage City Parks and Recreation is getting ready for basketball players to start warming up the local gyms. Here’s information about OCPR’s upcoming youth basketball season.

OCPR Update: Suit up for everyone’s favorite fall recreation – basketball

OCPR-logo-redOsage City Parks and Recreation finished up summer activities and jumped right into fall. Coming up – youth basketball! Here are the details:

Youth basketball (3rd-6th grade boys and girls)

  • OCPR teams participate in the Scott Brown Youth Basketball League.
  • League divisions are split into single grades 3rd to 6th grade for boys and girls.
  • Team practice can begin the week of Nov. 26, if a team has a coach.
  • SBBL Season, Saturdays, Jan. 5-Feb. 16.
  • SBBL League Divisional Tournaments, Feb. 23.
  • Players receive a team uniform (jersey and shorts).
  • Cost is $30 per player.
  • Signup deadline, Nov. 5.
  • OCPR coach-player discount is available.
  • OCPR scholarship forms are available.

OCPR Basketball, K-Ball and 1st/2nd grade information will be available soon.

OCPR Update: Singing, kicking and tackling into fall

OCPR-logo-redOsage City Parks and Recreation has scheduled a new musical program for three to six-year-olds, and tae kwon do classes are gearing up for the fall session. In addition, youth tackle games have been scheduled for the evening of Sept. 19 at the OCHS football field. Details below.

Remember how good it used to taste? It still does at Hill’s Drive-up Diner

John and Leita Hill have fond memories of enjoying meals at local diners. Now they’re hoping to share that happy, old time experience with their customers at Hill’s Drive-Up Diner, located at 1106 N. Topeka Ave., Lyndon, Kan.

“Serving diner food the way we remember it,” is John and Leita’s motto for their mobile “drive up” diner. On the menu, of course, are hamburgers and cheeseburgers, along with their own specially prepared fresh cut fries, pulled pork sandwiches and brats, and fried cheesecake or ice cream treats for dessert.

Also planned is a unique daily special every day in addition to the regular menu items. Some specials you might find there include stuffed peppers, fajitas, burritos, kabobs, baked potatoes, and Sloppy Joes. Follow Hill’s Drive-up Diner on Facebook to see which daily specials they are offering.

Look for the Hills’ mobile diner in Lyndon, where they’re ready to serve you a memorable lunch, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. (Closed Thursday and Sunday. Also, see them Sept. 7-8 at the Ottawa Tractor show and Sept. 14-15 at the Ottawa Car Show.)

For more information, contact Leita at 785-219-9307, [email protected] or visit

Osage City Fall Citywide Garage Sale, Sept. 14-15, 2018: List your sale on the map

It is that time of the year again to sign up for the fall Osage City citywide garage sale. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of that stuff you never use and free up some space. The citywide garage sale is set for Sept. 14 and 15, 2018.

To sign up, stop by Peterson’s Assisted Living (Tricia Gundy), the Bank of Osage City (Kaitlin Swindale), or the First National Bank (Kathy Ayers). We need your name – as you want it listed on the map, address, a phone number in case of questions about the sale, if you are having the sale Friday and Saturday or Saturday only, what area you are on the map, and a $5 donation fee. The proceeds go towards a scholarship awarded every year to an Osage City High School graduate that is going to college. This year’s scholarships were awarded to two seniors- Carter Swindale and Georgia Hutton. The deadline for adding a sale to the garage sale map is Sept. 10 at 5 p.m.

For more information, call Tricia Gundy, chairperson, Osage City Chamber Garage Sale Committee, at 785-528-3301.

Important: Please list your address on the map, $5 donation goes to the Chamber of Commerce High School Scholarship. Don’t forget the deadline to sign up is Sept. 10 at 5 p.m.

OCPR Update: Who’s ready for youth football?

OCPR-logo-redOsage City Parks and Recreation is switching gears and lining up late summer and early fall activities, including youth volleyball, tae kwon do, and has scheduled upcoming youth tackle football games. Who’s ready for football?

OCPR Update: Deadlines approach for youth soccer, youth flag football, cheer camp

OCPR-logo-redSummer is running out and school is starting up, so Osage City Parks and Recreation is getting ready for fall activities. The signup deadline is here for youth soccer, youth flag football and OCHS cheer camp. The Osage City Aquatic Center remains open until Labor Day.

OCPR Update: Summer pours on the heat, but the cool pool is still full


Summer’s not over yet but the Osage City Aquatic Center is open until Labor Day, which is just around the corner. Osage City Parks and Recreation is also gearing up for fall sports, with signup dates announced for youth soccer and youth football.

Blaine Finch: Let’s talk straight

We’ve seen it all before. The past few years, dark money special interest groups have brought negative campaigning to our community. Their tactics are the same again this year. My opponent – and the special interests backing her – waited until the last minute to launch a smear campaign against me. Why? Because by waiting, they hope I won’t have time to respond to their attacks and give you the truth.

So, let’s talk straight.

My campaign is supported by people in our community, businesses, ag groups and health care organizations. When my opponent says I am funded by “lobbyists,” she’s talking about Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas Hospitals and other community groups that represent our families, our values and our jobs. The people backing my campaign are fully disclosed on campaign finance reports, meanwhile the special interest groups that like to throw mud in these campaigns get to hide in the shadows. They don’t live here, work here or raise their families here like you and I do.

I voted to fund our schools without a tax increase. That’s a fact. The legislature passed Senate Bill 423 this year, a plan to fund our schools within the existing budget and get the Supreme Court out of our classrooms. There were special interest groups pushing for a $1 billion plan, which would have required a tax hike. I opposed that plan – and I opposed any plan that would have required a tax increase – from the very beginning. My opponent isn’t telling you the truth.

I voted to override Brownback and put a stop to his tax favors. My opponent took a special favor appointment from Brownback, so it’s not a surprise that she would support his tax favors too. I don’t think it’s fair that certain corporations get to skirt their taxes while our families and businesses pick up their tab. That’s why I voted to override Brownback. What my opponent fails to mention is that overriding Brownback meant reinstating the ability for our farmers to write off loss carryover, for our families to deduct medical expenses when facing a catastrophic illness or injury, and for homeowners in our community to deduct their property taxes and mortgage interest. Don’t be fooled by her rhetoric.

I am pro-life with the voting record to prove it. I have voted for every pro-life bill that has come before the Legislature, including banning dismemberment abortions, defunding Planned Parenthood, and establishing that life begins at conception. I have never wavered on this issue and I never will. My opponent knows that. What she and the special interests backing her take issue with is the fact that I voted for a provision that would not give your doctor permission to lie to you. I don’t think it’s right to give anyone free license to lie.

Shari Weber: Correction of the record – the rest of the story

Ah, the primary season is upon us. Robocalls, survey calls, mailers, and print ads. It’s all “part of the game” we play to elect officials to various offices. I am sure many people tune out the bombardment of information thrown at us, but it would serve us well if we stopped and did some checking on the candidates in various races.

In the race for State Representative, District 59, which pits the incumbent Blaine Finch against me, Shari Weber, the Finch ads and mailers state, “I answer to you not the lobbyists that keep trying to call the shots for our families.” His 2017 Campaign Finance Report, filed with the Kansas Secretary of State and Ethics Commission, may leave you scratching your head regarding his statement. He has a campaign war chest totaling over $65,000, quite a large amount for a three-term representative. Where did the funds come from? In 2017 he reported contributions totaling $13,225 from 45 entities. ONE contribution of $250.00 came from a resident of the 59th District, the remainder from “lobbyists.” Finch’s July 30, 2018 Campaign Fund report touts another $20,000 plus in campaign contributions; again, mostly from special interests and lobbyists. The reports can be accessed online at the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website under the “Campaign Finance heading” and the subhead “View Submitted Forms & Reports.” Here is the link. Also, see here for more information.

Finch also states he “funded schools without raising taxes,” yet he voted for the largest tax increase in the history of the state and also retroactively raised taxes on the residents of the 59th District. Instead of enacting legislation to curb spending, he left us all on the hook for increased taxes. Have you felt it?

Shari Weber: I ask for your vote to serve the 59th House District

Dear Friends,

I decided to become involved in Kansas government because I care about the quality of life our children inherit. The strength of communities, agriculture, small business, public education and public safety must be addressed by state government.

I am an advocate for children, born and unborn. I stand up for the right to bear arms and I resist tax increases which threaten fiscal responsibility.

As a staunch conservative, I align with the values of the 59th District. I know the truth and how to tell it. For too long we have been told one thing when something else is actually happening in our state government.

I have a clear legislative record of putting people first, standing strong on principle, and working to make sure government is smart, lean and responsive to the real needs of its citizens.

I ask for your vote and trust to serve the 59th House District.

Thank you,
Shari Weber

Political ad paid for by Shari Weber.

Tradition of resident care continues at Osage City’s Peterson Assisted Living

Many have heard about the closing of longtime Osage City business, Peterson Health Care, Inc., which has been a central fixture in Osage City since 1976. Maybe not as well understood, though, is that one family’s legacy of caring for people will continue just across the street at Peterson Assisted Living.

Crystal Peterson owns both businesses, with Peterson Health Care offering nursing home services since 1976, and a sister business, Peterson Assisted Living, beginning in 1996. The recent sale of the nursing home was part of Peterson’s plan for retirement.

“When all of my children graduated from college was when I planned to retire,” Peterson said recently. “The last one graduated in May.”

She explained the sale of the nursing home was the first step for reducing her business involvements, but retirement plans still include continuing her family’s business of caring for people. Peterson noted she first began in the nursing home business when she was a child. Her grandparents offered rooms in their home, caring for the elderly and infirm, starting in the 1950s.

“It started as a little house with four rooms for the people my grandparents took in,” she said.

As Peterson grew up, it was common for her to spend time reading with residents at her grandparents’ home or cranking the player piano for their daily entertainment.

“It was part of my life, going there every day after school,” she remembered.

As an adult, Peterson continued that tradition of caring, eventually operating the nursing center and neighboring assisted living facility in the 600 block of Holliday Street.

“We were dedicated to providing the best experience, whether at the assisted living or across the street,” she said. “And throughout the years, we were committed to this community.”

With the assisted living facility continuing, Peterson said the business will continue to provide the best experience for residents.

Peterson noted that a dedicated staff is in place at the facility, with Tricia Gundy serving as director.

“I’ve worked side by side with Tricia for the last five years,” Peterson said. “I feel very confident in trusting her in that job.”

Gundy previously served as rehabilitation director at Peterson Health Care.

The staff at 20-apartment facility provides the best homelike atmosphere as possible. As an assisted living facility, such things as medication management and meal preparation are included in the cost of living there. While the level of care is different than a nursing home, residents at the assisted living also have access to outside agency assistance, such as for speech therapy or other rehabilitation therapies.

OCPR Update: Summer is here, cool off at Osage City Aquatic Center

OCPR-logo-redWhere better to be on a hot summer day than the Osage City Aquatic Center? Osage City Parks and Recreation makes it easy to find a reason to come cool off at the pool. In addition to swim lessons and water aerobics, OCPR is also getting ready for gymnastics camp through the month of July.

OCPR Update: Summer fun officially underway

OCPR-logo-redOsage City Parks and Recreation has a full schedule of summer fun planned, starting with swimming lessons, water aerobics, summer art camps, and gymnastics camp.

OCPR Update: Aquatic center is warming up for summer fun

OCPR-logo-redWith June here, the water is warming up and swim lessons are about to begin at Osage City Aquatic Center. Here are the latest lessons schedules and summer fun activities offered by Osage City Parks and Recreation.

Help wanted? Osage County News can help you

Osage County News can help you with “help wanted”. We reach thousands of people in the local area weekly, and hopefully can help you find the perfect candidate for your job.

Here is a comment we recently received about the results of one of our customer’s help wanted ads:

“We have had a very good response and have been happy with the quality of applicants the ad has brought to us.”

Our rates are affordable, and all ads come with unmatched friendly, efficient service. Contact us today to find out how you can connect to the Osage County area online community and let prospective employees know about your job openings. Call 785-828-4994 or email [email protected].

OCPR Update: Swimming season is almost here

OCPR-logo-redSpring is here and summer is right around the corner as Osage City Parks and Recreation gets the pool ready for swimming, swimming lessons, and having fun. Also in the works are STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, music) camps, art camps and tackle football. Here is OCPR’s latest update:

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